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My name is Jacqui and I'm an Ingham Method Reflexologist, Mindfulness & Reiki Practitioner working from my home in Filton, Bristol.  I'm passionate about the body's ability to heal itself and, through Reflexology, Reiki, mindfulness and meditation we can give ourselves the best chance of staying free from emotional and physical stress.


Are you finding that the traditional medical approach isn't working for you?  

Reflexology and Reiki are not just relaxing treats, they work alongside conventional medicine. They are both holistic, complementary therapies that view the body as a whole, not just a sum of its parts.  Both may help you on the road to emotional and physical wellbeing, through improved sleep, decreased tension, a rebalance of energy and an improvement in mood.  Research shows that stress and anxiety are on the rise - not only in adults, but children too.  The world is moving at such a fast pace that we don't get time to stop and just live in the moment.

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Complimentary health treatments such as Reflexology & Reiki give you the time and space to reconnect with your emotional and physical self, enabling your body to get back into balance. With all my treatments I am keen to give my clients (adults and children alike), coping mechanisms such as Hand Reflexology techniques, as well as simple mindfulness, breathing and meditation exercises to use at home.


I'm particularly keen to help both adults and children free themselves from stress and anxiety.  With that in mind I offer a mix of one-to-one sessions through to group workshops.  If you are a parent/carer or work in a childhood setting (from foundation stage to teenage years), please get in touch to see how I may be able to help.


"As a certified health coach and fellow Ingham Method (IIR) practitioner I always recommend Jacqui to former Bristol clients unwilling to make the trek to my new practice in Portishead!  She's also top of my list if I need a treatment myself.  Incredibly skilled and intuitive, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.  

She's my 'reflexology consigliere'!"

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